Inside Syria

A live audio recording with Robert King, Franco Pagetti, Odd Andersen and Rocco Castoro

A full one hour audio coverage at the photo festival 2013 in Berlin with the
most rewarded war photographer.

Robert King (Photographer/Polaris)
Franco Pagetti (Photographer/VII)
Odd Andersen (Photographer AFP)
Rocco Castoro (Chief Editor VICE US)

Talking about there experience in Aleppo and in Syria and there work as a
war photographer. Moderated by Achim Vogt from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung – Beirut.

I was lucky because I was the onlyone with an audio recorder,
so this recording is absolute exclusive and unique.

You will find a short raw file introduction of the evening attached in low
quality. The full raw audio was recorded in high WAV 16 Bit 48kHz Format
quality and comes along with many photos form the talk.

For more information about the recording please email us.